16th-22nd May

National Vegetarian Week

In celebration of National Vegetarian Week we’ll be shining a spotlight on our vegetarian tasting menu at Galvin La Chapelle and our seasonal vegetarian dishes at Galvin Bistrot and Bar.

We’ve always felt that it was important to include incredible vegetarian and vegan options on our menus. For many years, we have offered a very well received seven course vegan and vegetarian tasting menu at Michelin-starred La Chapelle, which is available for all of our customers to choose on the day (no pre-orders required!). At our other restaurants including Galvin Bistrot & Bar we have opted to showcase the best seasonal produce in our short menu. Plant-based dishes really are some of the hero dishes in our restaurants.

At Galvin La Chapelle, Head Chef Arturo Granato has chosen to put his seven-course vegetarian tasting menu to the forefront. The menu will be highlighted on the menu presented to guests. Arturo says, “we are so fortunate to be able to work with such an abundance of beautiful spring produce, everything is vibrant and flavoursome”. Our Menu Gourmand will be available on request.

At Galvin Bistrot & Bar, Head Chef Joe Albina’s concise menu of French classics will showcase some incredible vegetarian dishes. Joe says, “our chefs have always enjoyed the challenge of creating excellent vegan and vegetarian dishes, with interesting texture and wholesome flavours”.

It is also a happy coincidence that May is Real Wine Month. We’re joining in the month-long celebration of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines made by artisan growers and winemakers.  We think that the range of real wines by the glass are the perfect accompaniment to our seasonal vegetarian dishes.